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Definitely one of the most common jobs in the shop is welding. Whether it be block reinforcements, head repair and performance enhancement, or general fabrication, the TIG welder gets a lot of use on both steel and aluminum.

Block Reinforcement

I offer 2 basic levels of block welding on the GX200. Stage 1 and Stage 2. This allows you to build your engine with the peace of mind that the block will no longer grenade at any moment, destroying the expensive internal parts and much worse, personal injury.

Stage 1

The Stage 1 block uses a brace on the bottom of the jug, a top brace, a side plate, and a small corner brace inside the case. This adds a great deal of strength to the stock block and is suitable for most all applications, including 3" bore and strokers.

Price for the Stage 1 is $175 (does not include block)

New Honda Blocks are available for $100

Stage 2

The Stage 2 uses the same basis as the Stage 1, but adds a brace on the front of the block and a crossmember between the fuel tank mounts to tie into the top brace. The Stage 2 essentially wraps the entire block with bracing to give the most demanding builds the capability to hold massive power. You may consider the Stage 2 when running extreme RPM, compression ratio, forced induction or nitrous. Or if you just want to have the baddest block on the track!!!!

Price for the Stage 2 is $250 (does not include block)

New Honda GX200 blocks are available for $100

Custom Work

Options are available. Thicker plating, deck extensions, and sleeve installation is possible.

Prices vary.

Both stages use 1/4" 6061 plate welded strategically to substantially increase the strength of the stock blocks. Blocks are properly prepared and the braces are precisely fit to the block to insure a clean, professional look. The welding is done with crank bearings, crank, cam, lifters, torque plate, and side cover installed. This is done to reduce the distortion of the block that is inherent of welding. Most blocks will distort from the welding process, usually at the crank bearing boss, which is a situation that is very difficult to avoid. But I've never had one that was totally unusable, most just require heating the block to install the crank bearing.